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Everyone will love Payday

Even Your Payroll Department

PAYROLL frees your payroll team from re-entering data through the use of one universal personnel record. This facilitates compliance while reducing wasted time and decreasing costs.
A complete payroll system used as a stand-alone application or part of the PLATFORM – the only universal personnel record, modular HR solution available today.
Real Time Data, Remote Access & Complete Systems Integration.

Financial professionals need concise systems with no fluff or distraction from their critical tasks. We created PAYROLL to ensure each click of the mouse is meaningful.

Extensive Customizable Features Include:

Labor Distribution

Custom Workflows

Auto Calculations

Certified Payroll

Job Costing

Seamless Integration

Configurable Exports & Imports

Compliance Assurance

Built-In Test Environments

Tiered Security Profiles

Experience the power of Wurk today!

Experience the power of wurk!