HR and Payroll Designed and Built for Cannabis

HR and Payroll Designed and Built for Cannabis

Run payroll. Stay Compliant.

Wurk’s small business solution is designed to allow cannabis businesses to process payroll, comply with regulations and focus on business strategy. Rely on proven technology and trusted HR experts so you can support your growing workforce.

Included in our small business solutions:

+ Simple, cannabis-friendly payroll

+ Easy timekeeping

+ Payroll reporting

+ Cannabis badge tracking

+ 280E task tracking and auditing

+ HR resource center

+ Payroll Specialist & HR Business Partner

+ And more!


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Trust the Leader in Cannabis Startup HR and Payroll

Trust the Leader in Cannabis Startup HR and Payroll

Wurk provides your business with an automated payroll software service, that easily syncs general ledger processing–as well as electronic filing of federal, state, and local taxes. The platform includes payroll management and reporting, the ease of direct deposits, and automated tax filing to maximize 280E deductions. Each state has its own rules and regulations regarding marijuana, so our primary goal is to ensure that you are always in compliance with all labor laws. Since our cannabis payroll software is designed with the marijuana industry in mind, you never should worry about being unexpectedly dropped from our services just for being a cultivator, extractor, or retailer.

In the highly regulated cannabis industry, you may have a difficult time accessing professional payroll and labor management services. This places a huge cost and administrative burden on your business, and can place you in the risky position of not being able to reliably pay your employees. Depend on a partner that understands the industry and supports your business with transparent banking relationships and proven expertise.

Plus, when you’re ready to grow your cannabis business, our team is ready to scale with you.