Fortune, Term Sheet

Fortune, Term Sheet covered Wurk’s news regarding funding under the Venture Deals section. The post reads:


Wurk, a Denver startup that helps cannabis businesses comply with regulators, raised $1 million in seed funding, according to TechCrunch. Investors include Arcview Group, CanopyBoulder, and Poseidon Asset Management. Read more.

Culture Magazine: “Wurk” Platform Brings Ease into Cannabis Business Operations

Culture Magazine writer, Jacob Cannon recently wrote about Wurk’s solutions.

“It is no secret that operating a cannabis business can be complicated, given the complex marriage between various regulations at city, county, state and federal levels. A new workplace management platform has been created in order to make operating a cannabis business easier.

Wurk is the first and only workplace management platform that specifically serves the cannabis industry.” Read the entire post.

Business Accelerator Canopy Announces First Demo Day

Wurk to participate in start-up accelerator Canopy Boulder Demo Day. This program culminates a 16-week business accelerator program in Boulder, Colorado for the cannabis business teams presenting on stage.


Read the entire press release. Cites Wurk in “Riding the Green Rush”

virginJack Preston pens this interesting blog post called “Riding the Green Rush: cannabis industry entrepreneurs and ever-changing regulations.”


Preston says: “One sector which comes with arguably more hurdles than electric vehicles and the sharing economy combined is America’s cannabis industry.”


He goes onto to write: “Wurk, a payroll and human resources platform designed to provide infrastructure for businesses struggling to get to grips with the industry’s constantly changing backdrop. And unlike Klodnicki, Wurk CEO Keegan Peterson had a more cautious take on the regulations facing those in the industry.


“These entrepreneurs are in a difficult spot, there’s so much more compliance they have to abide by compared to traditional retailers. A lot of them won’t have a business background they can call on either, although as the industry has proven itself out that’s starting to change,” explains Peterson.”


Read the entire article.

Wurk cited by in “Inside America’s Cannabis Industry” blogger Jack Preston writes about the new journey being forged by America’s cannabis industry. During his post, Preston discusses Canopy Boulder as “the world’s first accelerator for cannabis industry based start-ups.”


Preston references Wurk’s solution to this growing industry: “Demonstrating true entrepreneurial spirit, many of the latest cohort at CanopyBoulder are looking to find solutions to these problems. One of the standout businesses in the bootcamp, Wurk, provide human resource and payroll infrastructure for businesses struggling to navigate the complicated and ever-changing legal framework.


It’s this sort of professional approach, along with healthy profit margins and improved access to data demonstrating the real impact of cannabis, that will see any stigma slowly evaporate.”


Read the entire post.