California Cannabis Cultivation & Excise Tax

Join Würk and California Cannabis CPA as we discuss the new cultivation and excise taxes specific to California cannabis operators. This free webinar provides an overview of the cannabis taxes in California, how they apply to your business, how to calculate the tax, who collects/remits the tax, when are they due and more. Understand how compliance with this new tax requirement will help your business avoid penalties and fees.

Powerpoint slides available to view here.


Employee Handbooks That Drive Compliance & Culture

Communicate your culture, set expectations, and protect your business.
Würk’s Certified HR Consultant, Keith Axelrod, discusses the importance of developing an employee handbook to drive compliance and company culture during this recorded webinar. From employee orientation and time management, to regulatory requirements, Keith takes the time to explain the benefits of having a handbook as well as the unique protections it provides in the cannabis industry. Understand:

– Why you need an employee handbook in the cannabis industry
– Some of the most critical policies to include
– Legal compliance aspects of the handbook
– How to use the handbook to deliver your culture and values

Powerpoint slides available to view here.

Employee Handbooks that Drive Compliance & Culture from Wurk on Vimeo.

Cannabis Accounting 101: Ready to file your tax return?

Bridge West CEO Jim Marty and COO Cory Parnell share their extensive cannabis accounting expertise to provide you with best practices that help you prepare for filing your taxes and being compliant.

Learn how to:
*Organize books and records for their CPA firm
*Take physical inventory: value shelved products & the growing plants
*Implement internal controls over cash and inventory

Powerpoint slides available for download here.