Software Security

Security + Cannabis

Your cannabis business workforce data and privacy are incredibly important to Wurk. Trust that your business information and employee data is secure.  

Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind knowing that experienced technical consultants are managing the solution infrastructure, as well as your applications and employee data, to help ensure high availability, reliable performance, and multi-layer security. 

Secure Data Centers

Your data is being maintained at a state-of-the-art data center facility engineered to incorporate multiple levels of security and redundancy, thereby ensuring maximum availability of your Human Capital Management (HCM) solution. Our primary and secondary data centers — among the most secure, connected, and compliant facilities in the industry — are designed from the ground up to help ensure the availability and security of your Wurk applications and data, and to deliver seamless business continuity across virtually any circumstances. 

Industry-Leading Encryptions

Your organization’s users’ access Wurk from a web browser or mobile device via encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) sessions using port 443. InTouch® terminal connections are Ethernet-based using port 80 or 443. They can utilize TLS to encrypt data transmission when you provide a digital ID certificate from a third-party vendor. Wurk end-users authenticate using a unique password. Wurk uses industry-standard, modern hashing algorithms to secure these passwords and they are never stored in clear text.