The All-in-One Human Capital Management Solution

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Expand your business. Stay Compliant.

Wurk’s enterprise solutions are designed to power large employers and multi-state operators, providing scale-able and secure tools that maximize the efficiency of your workforce. Become a data-driven operation with advanced people analytics that allow you to reduce attrition and forecast workforce trends.

Included in Wurk’s enterprise business solutions:

+ Unlimited payrolls (bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly)

+ State and federal unemployment insurance

+ Payroll reporting

+ Employee onboarding processes

+ Performance reviews

+ Company specific overtime rules

+ Benefit plan management and reporting

+ 280E task tracking and auditing

+ Industry credentials tracking (badging)

+ EasyBackground Check integration – Paid time off requests, approvals and tracking



An All-in-One Solution for Your HR Needs

The Wurk system is designed to bring tried and true best practices in human capital management (HCM) from other industries to the highly regulated cannabis market. Tailored to the unique requirements of the marijuana industry, Wurk offers intuitive reporting so you can optimize your employee time and gain insights into overtime costs. Too often, cannabis businesses are piecing together disparate systems to manage their most important asset – people. This time-consuming, manual process is not only costly, but prevents in-depth analysis of important labor metrics that can drive strategic business decisions.

Our team of seasoned human resource, tax compliance, payroll and cannabis professionals is prepared to help you fortify, comply and thrive in the evolving marijuana market. Protect and streamline operations, while ensuring people are a priority every step of the way.