Growing Your Cannabis Company From Seed to Success

Source: DOPE Magazine
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Canopy Boulder
Canopy Boulder is a self-described seed-stage business accelerator focused on ancillary products and services in the legal cannabis industry.

Patrick Rea, CEO and co-founder at Canopy Accelerator, likens Canopy’s 16-week mentor-driven “boot-camp” accelerator program to that of “securing a micro-MBA in your own business, studying marketing, sales management practices, venture finance, financial modeling and more.” Canopy provides mentees with capital, access to a considerable network of industry leaders, and acute industry knowledge, in return for an equity stake of up to nine and a half percent.

Canopy Boulder mentors including Steve DeAngelo (Harborside), Emily Paxhia (Poseidon), Daniela Vergara (Agricultural Genomics Foundation), Keegan Peterson (Wurk), Alain Bankier (New York Angel Group), Jessica Billingsley (MJ Freeway) and Josh Kappel (Vicente Sederberg) comprise countless cannabis success stories.