Cites Wurk in “Riding the Green Rush”

virginJack Preston pens this interesting blog post called “Riding the Green Rush: cannabis industry entrepreneurs and ever-changing regulations.”


Preston says: “One sector which comes with arguably more hurdles than electric vehicles and the sharing economy combined is America’s cannabis industry.”


He goes onto to write: “Wurk, a payroll and human resources platform designed to provide infrastructure for businesses struggling to get to grips with the industry’s constantly changing backdrop. And unlike Klodnicki, Wurk CEO Keegan Peterson had a more cautious take on the regulations facing those in the industry.


“These entrepreneurs are in a difficult spot, there’s so much more compliance they have to abide by compared to traditional retailers. A lot of them won’t have a business background they can call on either, although as the industry has proven itself out that’s starting to change,” explains Peterson.”


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