Wurk Featured in Civilized

Civilized Associate Editor Julia Wright recently interviewed Keegan Peterson, Wurk’s Founder and CEO for a feature story about the company. During the interview, Peterson states that “cannabis companies need to meet the standards of the 21st century workplace.”


Wright goes on to write: “While technology like this exists in almost every other industry, the banking hurdles that still exist for the cannabis industry have prevented many companies from finding fully integrated solutions to their HR woes.

“The companies that sell this tech are backed by national banks that won’t allow them to sell to this industry,” said Peterson. “A lot of major payroll companies shut down marijuana accounts, and tell them they can’t use their payroll systems.”


Würk has worked around these strictures by creating partnerships with banks that are open to the industry.


The bottom line, he says, is that legal cannabis represents a massive opportunity in a era of chronic, high unemployment – and a higher standard of organization is what will allow the industry to flourish.”


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