Find top talent using a simple system

The Wurk Applicant Tracking System was created to meet the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding needs of marijuana businesses. Manage job postings, recruitment, application collection, background checks, and a comprehensive audit trail in one simple application.

Wurk’s hiring solutions reduce costly administrative work with a centralized workflow that automates:

  • Job postings
  • Response collecting
  • Resume filing
  • Background screening
  • Applicant communications

Easily share interview notes, match applicants to key job criteria, and fine-tune hiring profiles to the qualities and skills of your most valuable employees. We’ll help you make better recruiting decisions, protect your business from bad hires, and minimize time spent in administrative details.

Human resources

Human Resources

Focus on people, not paperwork

It’s impossible to create a successful, profitable business in any industry without great people. This is especially true for the cannabis industry, as we’re tasked with fighting for greater social and political acceptance.

Wurk reduces costly administrative work with a workflow that automates:

  • E-sign I9, W4 & 1099 forms
  • New employee onboarding
  • Cannabis industry badge capture
  • Performance reviews
  • Incident reporting

Discover how easy it is to select and make changes to individual benefit packages. Record performance reviews and help your employees meet their career goals.

When you partner with Wurk, you will be able to create repeatable onboarding processes, streamlined benefits administration, and accurate employee records with the confidence of knowing Wurk provides the tools necessary for managing ACA, FLSA, and FMLA requirements. Many businesses struggle to find HR services built specifically for the cannabis industry, which is why Wurk created our cannabis human resource management system. With tight regulations varying state to state, we have built a system that helps cannabis entrepreneurs new and old navigate the complex world of legal marijuana regulation.

Badge Tracking

Navigating the unpredictable compliance landscape is difficult enough for cannabis businesses. If you’re in a state with employee badge tracking requirements, the complexities only get worse.

Ensuring that every employee’s permit is active is critical for cannabusinesses to avoid costly fines and penalties. Two Nevada marijuana companies might lose their business licenses and incur up to $255,000 in penalties after investigators recently found that several of their employees worked with expired cannabis badges.

Remain in compliance while operating a successful cannabusiness
Wurk is the only cannabis software that provides accurate employee badge tracking necessary for managing state requirements. Wurk’s employee credential tracking tool has no limit to the types of credentials needing to track. Each credential type can track:

  • Issued Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Class
  • Restrictions
  • State
  • Country
  • Place of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Type Up to 5 Custom Labels per each Credential Type

Charts/Graphs: Track and check the status of their budtenders’ badge credentials

Reports of All Credentials: Know when badge credentials are due to expire so you can stay on top of renewals

Our software will notify you in advance of expiring employee credentials and provide easy-to-use charts to help you keep track of your employees’ badge status. With tight regulations varying from state to state, we have built a system that helps cannabis entrepreneurs, new and old, navigate the complex world of legal marijuana regulation.

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Track and check the status of budtenders’ badge credentials in Wurk’s dashboard




Stability and flexibility for your team

With the lack of standard operating procedures in the industry, it can be difficult for cannabis businesses to find quality employee scheduling software. We know your time is valuable, which is why we offer employee management software built specifically for the marijuana industry.

Wurk’s employee management software gives employers and employees round-the-clock access to work schedules, and makes it easy to adjust schedule preferences and request time off from any device. It helps employers ensure that the right people are on the clock at the right time, while allowing employees the flexibility they need to manage work-life priorities. Employees can receive important reminders and notifications of schedule changes, and know in advance who they’re working with and what the day’s tasks are. Employers can relax knowing that they are adhering to overtime rules and efficiently managing labor costs.

The Wurk employee scheduling system gives you access to:

  • Create custom schedules
  • Share schedules
  • Offer self-service tools to your employees

Eliminate the stress of scheduling nightmares and gain access to key operational functions that reliably support employees without fail.



Spend your time growing, not tracking

With easy, reliable hourly tracking from any device at any time, our timekeeping solution is an automated time tracking software that profiles real-time labor data to help throttle labor costs and decrease your workforce compliance risk. Wurk offers one of the few time tracking software programs designed for the cannabis industry. If efficiency in the workplace is your goal, our software is the answer.

Wurk’s time and attendance software system offers the ability to:

  • Track labor
  • Manage 280E
  • Generate payroll data
  • Analyze costing trends
  • Calculate PTO and employee accrual

When your business is running at below-peak efficiency, you’re wasting valuable time and money. The Wurk time and attendance management system can liberate time currently tied up in scheduling and time-tracking administration, while increasing employee responsibility for time spent at and away from work. With so much of the day spent responding to regulatory and supply chain challenges, it’s reassuring to know that your employees’ time is honestly, legally, and automatically accounted for.



A payroll solution created for cannabis

Your employees depend on a consistent, reliable paycheck that arrives on time. Our relationship with banks and financial institutions delivers crucial payroll management services to all verticals in the marijuana industry, even those who have not had access to these payroll management systems in the past. Wurk provides your business with an automated payroll software, that easily syncs general ledger processing–and electronically files federal, state, and local taxes. The platform includes automated payroll management and reporting, the ease of direct deposit, and automated tax filing to maximize 280E deductions.

Wurk’s full-service payroll platform allows you to:

  • Calculate and remit accurate taxes
  • Utilize a reliable payroll system
  • Reduce the risk of paying your employees
  • Offer direct deposit, pay history, pay stubs and other financial documentation to employees

Our primary goal is to ensure that you are always in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws. Since our cannabis payroll software is designed with the marijuana industry in mind, you never should worry about being unexpectedly dropped from our services just for being a dispensary.